Employee Training Bond Agreement Sample Nz

The training obligations were conducted under the title “Agreement on the Reimbursement of Training and Examination Costs” and stated that the objective was to enable the worker to conduct agreed training and examination that directly benefited the company and the worker. The amount of the loan was 5600 $US and lasted 11 months. The other loan was for a specific training course, the repayment period was 13 months and the amount of the training loan was $6,500. The authority also considered whether the amounts to be paid should be reduced, given that the teacher worked on part of the required benefit. He noted that the purpose of the service restitution agreement was to reimburse ABC`s costs if the bienning year was not complete. Partial costs were not mentioned in the agreement and there was no reflection or discussion on partial payments, so a full refund was required. Employers are required to keep a copy of the employment contract (or current signed terms of employment). The employer must respect a “considered agreement” even if the employee has not signed it. Staff members are entitled, upon request, to a copy of their contract.

For example, if Mr. S. had resigned within one month of the end of the training, he would have been required to repay 100% of the training loan. If he had resigned between 10 and 11 months, he would have been only 9% of the training loan. Mr. S. was offered a job and was transferred from Perth to Hamilton. He signed two training obligations after starting to hire and a moving obligation when he signed his employment contract. At the end of the 30-day period, the worker and employer are free to negotiate and agree on different business terms in the employment contract if the worker has not become a member of the union at the end of the 30-day period. Unfortunately, the answer is not always as linear as we would like.

Companies can of course get an employee to sign a loan agreement, and feel quite protected, but the test is really whether that agreement will be applicable when it is reviewed by the courts, and it is always a case-by-case decision. Employment contracts are the conditions of employment. Every worker must have a written employment contract. In this case, it is also envisaged that a loan in which the employer paid for the employee to undergo a recognised training, which gives rise to a qualification for the employee and better qualifies him for the employer, would be a legitimate loan. It is important that this assumes that the maturity of the loan is appropriate and that the other characteristics are proportional to the commitment of the staff. Negotiations are unfair when a worker is at a serious disadvantage when negotiating an individual employment contract. Contract items that were taken and exported on August 25, 2016. The Institute of Post office box management 2987 -00100 represented by the duly qualified regional manager Mr. Saman Kinh is referred to as the “institute” and includes the institute of management or “employer” as it is constituted today or from time to time during the implementation of this agreement.

You can use our employment contract manufacturer to design an employment contract for your employees that meets your organization`s requirements. A new labour court case serves as a warning to employers that recovering training, recruitment and equipment costs may be illegal. Some employers strive to ensure their return on investment in training workers by associating them with the company for some time after their training. If they go even further in this scenario, they may try to charge an employee if he or she does not stay for a specified period of time.