Teamviewer Accept License Agreement

Find the right license that meets your needs. Look at our available addons, z.B. Support for mobile devices. In TeamViewer 10, there is an option license that allows you to accept the CAU. Close the configuration window, click the search icon in the main window, and enter “teamviewer.” Select the version you want to install in the results list. 1.) SSH in the device to install TeamViewer (Follow installation instructions. If help is needed for shell controls, then teamviewer –help) 2.) After the installation of TeamViewer, please install the unsupervised teamviewer password a –passwd [PASSWD] 3.) After please stop the demon with sudo teamviewer –daemon stop 4.) In the global.conf in /opt/teamviewer/config/global.conf file, write the following lines: To connect to a remote computer, launch TeamViewer on your computer. In GNOME, press the Super button (normally between Ctrl and Alt on the left). Start by typing “teamviewer” the TeamViewer icon appears.

They are not locked in any of the types of licenses listed above. Whether you need to add simultaneous sessions (channels) or customize a business license, we have configuration options that meet your needs. However, I explain the minimum configuration you need to know to run the remote desktop. First, you need to set up a password for the teamviewer. This password must be used remotely by another computer. Then, teamviewer should activate so that a system restart begins. Finally, the teamviewer licensing agreement should be accepted. I found this nice blog that explains the steps of installing teamviewer via ssh. It was written in 2015. Even if the blog is a little old for someone who is familiar with linux/ubuntu, can discover how to do it.

However, for reasons of clarity, I will list the steps for clarity. 5.) Then launch the demon with sudo teamviewer –daemon –start or restart if needed sudo teamviewer –daemon restart and then then add the following lines in the /opt/teamviewer9/config/global.config file: I try to launch teamviewer and obtain TeamViewer ID via ssh console by this command: I wrote same question to teamviewer support and got such reply: Just keep in mind TeamViewer is free only for non-commercial purposes; If you want to use it for your business, you need to buy a license. When installing TeamViewer via SSH, please note that there is a DEEE agreement that must be accepted before the graphical interface can be launched to obtain an identifier. A licensed user can start a session at a time connecting the device, but hasn`t activated their customer portal yet? Click here to request the activation link. After activation, you`ll have access to all the upgrade options for your current license. Go to and select the compatible teamviewer for your system. Use wget to download the selected teamviewer package. The list of TeamViewer sources is recorded in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/teamviewer.list file, which can be printed as follows. Even if the Teamviewer installation is complete, it is not possible to access a remote desktop, as teamviewer requires a graphical configuration of the interface. If there is no real graphic adapter, we can create a model graphics configuration and make teamviewer work well. That`s exactly what we`re going to do here.

But I did not succeed because of the fact that it is necessary to accept the license agreement from the first launch. So I try to start with -X-touch via SSH, but this window with accepting the license agreement key doesn`t appear! Only if the license is not accepted does the error message window appear.