What Is A Toba Agreement

The term “innovation” is a double-edged sword; On the one hand, it is the most important propeller for businesses to survive and thrive in the modern era and on the other hand, it is expensive, time-consuming and difficult to obtain properly. This then raises the question of what should prioritize your business? While some sectors of innovation as […] “This model can provide a common layout for these agreements, which will make it easier for brokers to navigate, especially if they are faced with about 30 different agreements that they need to understand and manage.” A copy of the Treuhand-Dedr. is available on request or can be accessed with us during regular business hours. If you object to your money being held in a non-statutory account, you should let us know immediately. Otherwise, your consent to the payment of the premium and your acceptance of these conditions constitute your informed consent for us to hold your money in a non-statutory trust account. Interest held on funds in a non-statutory account is withheld by us. For some transactions, the customer`s money can be transferred through other authorized intermediaries before being paid to the insurer. 25.1 While the company wishes to retain the activity and good value of the customers of the contracting parties, one of the contracting parties may terminate the contract by providing written notification of at least 30 (30) days before effective termination. The termination does not compromise the broker`s interest in commissions and intermediation because of the broker`s transactions placed by The Broker with The Company., If the broker is liquidated or merged with another company, or if the broker loses his trading license by its regulator, that agreement ends with immediate effect.

1.3 Any reference in this agreement to another agreement or document must be interpreted as referring to that other agreement or document in the amended or completed agreement from time to time or between them. 25.3 If the broker commits fraud of any kind and/or dishonesty and/or misrepresents the company and/or acts without authority (“illegal acts”), the company has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and/or at the discretion of the company from the date of the unauthorized acts; and b) withhold commissions or other funds owed to the broker; and (c) to account for all funds due by the broker to the company; and (d) to charge the broker all damages, costs and expenses incurred by the company during the investigation and verification of unauthorized acts, when reviewing the content of THE TOB, it is important to remember that consistency is the key.