Figma License Agreement

If you don`t want to renew your license after you expire, you can use the version you have for as long as you want, but you can`t get any other updates. If you wish to renew your license at a later date, you can do so at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, only messages sent in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the procedures described in this Section 17 should be sent to the designated representative under or to the postal address indicated above. All other comments, compliments, complaints or suggestions regarding figmaWORLD, the operation of the services or other questions should be sent to Subject to these Terms, the Services are made available to you free of charge up to certain limits and with limited functionality. With the exception of use in educational institutions (see below), the use of these restrictions or access to certain functions requires the purchase of a subscription (“subscription”). Your rights and obligations and obligations for you and your team members depend on the type of project team you have chosen (i.e. free or paid subscription). For details on the different types of subscriptions and the limitations and features available for the services, see If you have any questions about these terms or services, please contact Figma at the following address:, 116 New Montgomery St, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94105. You agree that Figma may identify you or your company and use your company`s logo and trademarks (together the “Marks”) on the Website and in marketing materials to identify you as a user of the Services, and you grant us a non-exclusive, free license to do so on our Website or in all media, that are developed now or later in relation to marketing.

Promotion or advertising for Figma or the Services. If you do not want to give us the right to use your trademarks or identify you or your company, you may opt out of such marketing requests by sending us an email to By providing User Content, including fonts and applications, through our Services, you grant Figma a limited, non-exclusive, worldwide, free, transferable license, with the right to sublicense, access, display, use, copy, modify, publicly display, public performance and distribution of your Content, to the extent reasonably necessary to manage and provide the Services for you. and other users, to the extent that the functionality of the Services allows it. For example, we may grant other users the rights to use your apps. figmaWORLD Copyright Division12623 Blackstone River Dr.Humble, TX, USA, 77346 You may change the subscription type at any time by (i) emailing us and following any instructions we provide to you, if any, in response to your change request, or (ii) making a change to your account settings within the Services. By purchasing the Ant Design system for Figma (“Item”) or the UX Toolkit for Figma (“Item”), you obtain a license to use this file for certain purposes, under certain conditions. This license grants the user a current, non-exclusive worldwide license to use the digital work (“Article”). You have the right to use the purchased item to produce unlimited finished products for yourself or your customers, and the final product may be sold, licensed, sub-licensed or freely distributed. If you do not wish to agree to settle your claims as explained above, you may unsubscribe from this arbitration agreement by notifying us of your decision in writing at, 116 New Montgomery St, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94105.

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