Sign Paypal Credit Agreement

I set up PayPal loan this weekend, and as far as I know, everything was signed and agreed at the time. Since then, I have received two emails stating that I had to sign the credit agreement before the PayPal credit account was terminated. The problem is that the link in the email does not work. Has anyone else seen it? I seem to be at an impasse if I try to find ways to contact PayPal directly, as everything leads me here If you are new to PayPal credit, you are asked to fill out an application form to apply for PayPal credit. If you are approved and accepted, your order will be prepared for shipment. Consumer credit agreements are complex and you should always read the contract before signing it. Depending on the application, trader, and state, these variable rate offers allow you to select a set number of monthly payments of different levels and at different interest rates. If you have already PayPal credit, you can use these offers without having to apply again, as long as you have a sufficient credit limit. I called the number PayPal yesterday, and you were told you had a problem, and this morning I received another email with a field where you sign your credit agreement, clicked on it and it took me back to the application screen. filled it in again, clicked at the end and received another screen that said something had gone wrong. How do I apply? Applying for PayPal credit is simple. Simply click on the credit PayPal button on our control page.

Completing the application form takes minutes. .