About The Borrego Sketchbook

What is The Borrego Sketchbook?

The Borrego Sketchbook is the creation of artist Geoffrey Stone and it is the online home of his artwork and observations of the town of Borrego Springs, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and surrounding areas.

Where is Borrego Springs?


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About a hundred miles east of San Diego.  About 75 miles south of Palm Springs.  The town is surrounded on all sides by Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, the largest of the California park system.  Amongst locals, both the town and park are collectively referred to as simply “Borrego,” the spanish name for the bighorn sheep we share the valley with.


What’s so special about Borrego?

Of course it depends on who you ask, but I believe common responses will be the scenic beauty of the desert, and the friendly people devoted to outdoor activities, community welfare, cultural enrichment and I think I’ll stop right there because I’m beginning to feel like I’m writing a visitor’s brochure.  If you want to know what I feel is special about Borrego I recommend you bookmark the site and return frequently because I intend to show you.

Who is Geoffrey Stone?

I am.  Hi!

My family moved to Borrego Springs in 1986 when I was four years old.

I was always interested in drawing and telling stories.  After I graduated from Borrego Springs High school I went to college to study art, eventually earning a BFA in animation and illustration from San Jose State University.

I returned to Borrego Springs in 2008 and began showing locally and teaching drawing classes.  In 2010 I had my first solo show of landscapes at The House Of Borrego.

Contact me at geoffrey@geoffreystone.com