The Circle Of Art


If you went to the Circle Of Art festival last weekend you probably saw The Borrego Sketchbook making its public debut along with the Borrego Art Guild booth.   Comments were positive, sales were very encouraging and nobody threw tomatoes; all in all, two great days in the sun, surrounded by art and commerce.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by and talked and much and more thanks to my Art Guild colleagues who set up the deal, especially Beth Hart who organized us and Jacque Goodrich who coordinates the Circle of Art and first suggested that I look into participating.

And now some of you must be saying, “Hey, wait!   I didn’t go to the Circle of Art!  How am I going to purchase that fantastic Borrego Sketchbook merchandise?  Is there no justice in the world???”

To that, I respond thusly:  Stay tuned, true believers.  Stay tuned.

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